how much do I use, & how often?

A little goes a long way, but you can never apply it too often.

can I use your products from birth?

Our oh so delicate balm & oat bath soak are our ONLY products suitable from birth.

why is my jar not as full?

Some of our batches are fluffier than others. 

However, the contents are always exactly the same weight.

can I use them on my face?


All of our products can be used from head to toe.

patch test

As with any new products we always recommend a patch test just in case you, or your little ones have any allergies. If a reaction occurs stop using immediately.


vegan, organic & cruelty free

recycleble or reusable

ethical & sustainable


All of our products have a

12-month shelf-life from opening. Our balms have a melting point of 24 degrees. Please keep your jar out of direct sunlight. 

can I use your products if I'm pregnant?

Most of our products are safe to use in pregnancy however, please always check the labels. Certain essential oils should be personally researched before use.

do you ship outside of the UK?

Not at the moment, we are working hard to make this possible so watch this space!

do your products have expiry dates?

All of our products have a shelf life of 12 months

where can I recycle the glass jars?

You can either pop them in your local bottle bank, or simply peel off the stickers and reuse them within your home.