Breastfeeding is amazing but can be really painful! Our 'sore nips no more' balm helps to soothe, nurture and protect cracked, irritated nipples throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our lanolin-free formula is a blend of nourishing plant oils and moisture-boosting butters to moisturise, soothe and keep the nipple area supple.

Goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin without a greasy feeling. A great multitasker that can be used on lips, cuticles, dry patches of skin on elbows, or even as a nappy balm


This product has a certified Cosmetic Product Safety Report, as legally required by EU Regulation EU 1223/2009, and has undergone further testing to ensure it's suitable for babies and sensitive skin.

sore nips no more - 30g

  • We always recommend a patch test before using any of our products for the first time, just in case you didn't know you had an allergy to one of our ingredients. If irritation does occur please stop using.

    There are no listed allergens in this product